Valga Valka Triathlon

Time: 7-8 July 2018
Location: Valga city centre and the surrounding areas of Lake Pedeli
Race centre: Pedeli lake beach on Pikk Street
Race organizers: Valga city and NGO TriSmile
Head organizer: Ain-Alar Juhanson, phone: +372 53338272, e-mail:
Head referee: Eero Raudsepp, phone: +372 56473479, e-mail:

Estonian Championship and Cup
Valga Valka Triathlon is the II stage of the Estonian Cup and the Estonain championships in Olympic distance.
Estonian Cup regulations

Local federation
Estonian Triathlon Association
Address: Tabasalu pk. 85, Harku, Harju county, 76901, Estonia


  1. race: 0.15 km swim, 4 km bike, 1.3 km run (children C, D, E)
  2. race: 0.375 km swim, 10 km bike, 2.5 km run (youth B, amateurs)
  3. race: 0.75 km swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run (youth A, juniors, amateurs).
  4. race: 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run (F/M 20-80+, teams)

Age limits
Only age groups specified in the regulations are allowed in the race.
Underage competitors must present a written approval from the parent.

Licence is mandatory for all individual competitors and team cyclists. Having a licence is an international practice; it will provide insurance for the licence holder in case of an accident during the race, a chance to participate in the Estonian Championships and receive points in the Estonian Cup.

If you don’t have a seasonal licence, it is possible to buy a one-day licence from Estonian Triathlon Union at the race centre.

More information about licences from Estonian Triathlon Union:

Passing the participation to someone else is not allowed. Organizers have the right to not register a participant, if they think it is necessary.

Age groups
Boys and girls, men and women are considered separately.

  1. race 0.15/4/1.3 km

Children E: born 2009-2011 (Estonian Cup)

Children D: born 2007-2008 (Estonian Cup)

Children C: born 2005-2006 (Estonian Cup)

  1. race 0.375/10/2.5 km

Youth B: born 2003-2004 (Estonian Cup)

Amateurs: born 1998 and before

  1. race 0.75/20/5 km

Youth A: born 2001-2002 (Estonian Cup)

Juniors: born 1990-2000 (Estonian Cup)

Amateurs: born 1998 and before

  1. race 1.5/40/10 km

F/M 20-24: born 1994–1998 (Estonian Championship)
F/M 25-29: born 1989–1993 (Estonian Championship)
F/M 30-34: born 1984–1988 (Estonian Championship)
F/M 35-39: born 1979–1983 (Estonian Championship)
F/M 40-44: born 1974-1978 (Estonian Championship)
F/M 45-49: born 1969-1973 (Estonian Championship)
F/M 50-54: born 1964-1968 (Estonian Championship)
F/M 55-59: born 1959-1963 (Estonian Championship)
F/M 60-64: born 1954-1958 (Estonian Championship)
F/M 65-69: born 1949-1953 (Estonian Championship)
F/M 70-74: born 1944-1948 (Estonian Championship)
F/M 75-79: born 1939-1943 (Estonian Championship)
F/M 80+ : born 1938 and before (Estonian Championship)

Teams: male, female and mixed

Registration and fees
Pre-registration is open online on until Wednesday,  4 July 2018!

Race materials for all distances will be issued at the race centre according to the programme. Materials will be issued until 1 h before respective race. The competitor must show an ID with a picture to obtain race materials. Licence is mandatory for all individual competitors. If you don’t have a seasonal licence, it is possible to buy a one-day licence from Estonian Triathlon Union. Every competitor must accept and sign the general rules of the competition and the hold-harmless agreement.

Fees include:
Fees include:

  • professional organizing by TriSmile
  • a medal after finishing for all the races
  • a diploma (downloadable)


Until 17.06.2018 18.06-4.07.2018 On spot 7.-8.07.2018
1. race (0.15+4+1) 5 EUR               5 EUR                      15 EUR
2. race (0.375+10+2.5) 25 EUR 35 EUR 45 EUR
3. race (0.75+20+5) 35 EUR 45 EUR 55 EUR
4. race (1.5+40+10)

4. race (1.5+40+10) TEAMS

45 EUR

80 EUR

65 EUR

100 EUR

85 EUR

120 EUR

NB! Citizens of Valga can participate for FREE. To register, please contact


Confirmation of registration
The competitor is registered only after payment. The fee will be calculated by the time of payment, NOT by the time of registration.


Saturday, 7th July
12.00-19.30 Race centre is open. Sports equipment fair!
12.00-16.30 Issuing start materials (up to one hour before respective triathlon start)
12.45-13.45 Transition area open, 1. start
13.50 Race briefing for start 1 at the start area
14.00 1. START (children C, D, E)
14.25-15.40 Transition area open for check-out, 1. start
14.45-15.15 Transition area open, 2. start
15.00 Awards ceremony 1. Start (children C, D, E)
15.20 Race briefing for start 2 at the start area
15.30 2. START (youth B)
15.35 2. START (amateurs)
16.15-16.40 Transition area open for checkout, 2. start
17.00 Awards Ceremony, 2. start (youth B, amateurs)
Sunday, 8th July
8.00-17.00 Race centre open. Sports equipment fair!
8.00-12.00 Issuing start materials (up to one hour before respective start)
9.00-9.45 Transition area open, 3. start
9.50 Race briefing for start 3 at the start area
10.00 3. START (youngsters A, juniors, amateurs)
11.15-11.50 Transition area open for check-out, 3. start
11.55-12.45 Transition area open, 4.start
12.50 Race briefing for start 4 at the start area
13.00 4. START (F/M 20-80+, teams)
15.20-16.45 Transition area open for check-out, 4. start
16.00 Awards ceremony, 3. and 4. start


The general rules of International Triathlon Union ITU (available from here) and the competitors guide (available here) apply at the race. Competitors accept ITU rules and the terms of competitors guide by registration. Additionally, the Estonian Highway codes apply.

The competitors follow the World Anti-Doping Code.

Drafting is allowed in the following races:

  1. race (children E, D, C)
  2. race ( youngsters B, amateurs)

NB! Drafting the representative of the opposite gender is not allowed. Men are allowed drafting with men and women with women. Drafting zone between men and women is 10 m.

Drafting is NOT allowed in the following races:

  1. race (youngsters A, juniors, amateurs)
  2. race (F/M 20-80+, teams)

The drafting zone is 10 m.

Drafting will result in a time penalty, which has to be carried out in the penalty area on the bike course. When seen drafting repeatedly, the competitor will be disqualified.

Wetsuits are recommended, but if the water temperature is 22°C or above one hour before the start, it is not allowed to wear a wetsuit.

Team relay
Baton passing will be done at special area in the transition area by giving over the timing chip. If swimming with a wetsuit, the swimmer must take it off first and then pass the chip on to the cyclist. The cyclist then can take their bike and start racing. After racing the cyclist must put their bike to its place and then pass the chip on to the runner, who will wait at the special area.’

Race briefing
Race briefings take place at swim start 10 min before respective race.

Competition referees
Estonian Triathlon Union and TriSmile

Competition jury
Competition jury will act after the race in the case of a protest. It consists of representatives of organizers, Estonian Triathlon Union and the head referee. The exact composition will be announced on the race day.

Protests involving other competitors, equipment or referees must be submitted to the head referee 15 min after the finish of the last competitor at the latest. Protest about results must be submitted 24h after releasing the unoffiacial results at the latest. The protest fee for 2017 is 50 Euros, which will be refunded if the protest is granted.

Race courses of Valga Valka Triathlon
Start area
Start area is on Pedeli beach, on the other side of the lake compared to the race centre.

Swimming is in the lake Pedeli, which temperature is usually about 19°C at that time. It is mandatory to wear the swimming cap provided by the organizers.

Cycling course is along the streets of Valga and surrounding roads. It’s relatively flat and easy.

The run course goes along the sidewalks around lake Pedeli.

Transition area
Transition area is on the shore of lake Pedeli In order to get into the transition area the competitor must have their race number with them. Only competitors, referees and special permit holders are allowed to enter the transition area. NB! Only the competitor itself may enter or leave the transition area with the race gear (including no relatives). Bike, helmet and other equipment must be checked in with time to spare, in order to have time to make adjustments if necessary.

Security of transition area
The transition area is guarded and surrounded with a fence. The competitor must bring its race gear in time and after the race remove the gear at scheduled time. The gear that is left behind will be taken to the registration tent.

During the competition bikes will be guarded by people chosen by the organizers.

Timing chips are provided by race organizers and must be returned to them after the race. If the chip is lost, the competitor must pay for it (45 euros). There are several timing points along the course in order to give the competitors separate splits for swimming, cycling and running, in addition to the over-all time.


The competitors follow the World Anti-Doping Code.

  1. Start (children C, D, E)
    Swim+bike+run: 35 minutes
  2. Start (youth B, amateurs)
    Swim+bike+run: 1 hour
  3. Start (youth A, juniors, amateurs)
    Swim+bike+run: 1 hour 50 minutes
  4. Start (F/M 20-80+, teams)
    Swim+bike+run: 3 hours 40 minutes

Awards ceremonies
Prizes will be given to the three best competitors of each age group, all competitors will get a diploma (downloadable online).

Three best teams will be awarded in all the categories: male, female and mixed teams.

In order to receive your prize you must be present at the ceremony. In case the competitor cannot participate in the ceremony, their coach or representative can accept the prize. You cannot receive your prize after the ceremony.

Water and isotonic drinks will be offered during the run in races 2, 3 and 4.

Water and isotonic drink will be offered to all the competitors of all the races at the finish. 

Medical aid
Race organizers provide a medical aid point at the race centre during the whole race and lifeguards during swimming.

Lost and found
All items found will be taken to registration tent. Inquiries about lost and found items after the race should be sent to

Accommodation and other information about the area
Valga Tourist Information Centre
Kesk 11, Valga
+372 766 1699

Parking and traffic on race day
It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the police, referees and traffic controllers when parking and during the competition.

All changes will be announced on website: